The Feed Ballarat appeal is the initiative of The Ballarat Foundation in it’s quest to rid Ballarat and its surrounding regions of the Food Insecurity issues it is facing.

The Ballarat Foundation believes that each child, person or family should have continuous access to safe and nutritious food, yet each year over 12% of the Ballarat population rely on one of the many Food Service charities.

While there are many wonderful organisations fighting to rid our community of hunger, the issues of food insecurity continue to grow, and the resources required to win this battle grow accordingly.

We know that the solution is multi-dimensional and will require high levels of collaboration to solve, however the following priorities require immediate funding and community support.

  • The establishment of Critical Food Security Infrastructure,
  • Operational costs of the Food Service Charities,
  • Preventative and Education programs around food, nutrition and sustainability.

100% of all funds raised through the Feed Ballarat appeal will be directed to these priorities.

To find out the answers to all your common questions please check out our FAQs page.

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