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Professor Peter Doherty shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1996 with Swiss colleague Rolf Zinkernagel for their discovery of how the immune system recognises virus-infected cells.  He was Australian of the Year in 1997.

Assisted by the Committee for Ballarat, Professor Peter Doherty’s intention in creating this prize is to encourage excellence in scientific thought and activity in State secondary colleges and the community.  The prize is administered through The Ballarat Foundation.

The prize is awarded to the student group judged to have produced the best science project study during year 9 or 10 in one of Ballarat’s State secondary colleges. The guidelines are that the students’ project should demonstrate:

  • a novel or creative approach to demonstrating or solving an everyday issue;
  • be based on a scientific method, logically and rigorously applied;
  • be clearly and convincingly expressed and presented.


peter doherty science award winners 2014

posted by Pam McKee, 13 Jan 2015

Congratulations to Ballarat Secondary College East Campus students, Jasmine Gauci and Mia Delmage, who rose to the challenge to win the sixth annual Peter Doherty Science Award presented by Federation University in November 2014. “In cooking recipes, it says to add salt to the water and we wondered why?” Mia said. “I think it is because it raises the boiling point, it makes the pasta cook quicker.”