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We’ve done some of the hard work for you by setting up several generic sub-funds that cover common areas of interest.  This is the simplest way to invest in the future without the requirement of a minimum initial investment amount.  To donate to any of these generic sub funds click here


education sub-fund

Supporting education programs particularly in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy in Ballarat including:
Early Learning
Other Literacy and Numeracy programs



regional health & personal wellbeing sub-fund

Supporting personal wellbeing and care across a range of areas including, but not limited to:
Health care, treatment and research including:
Cancer illnesses,
Heart illnesses,
Ageing illnesses,
Mental Health,
Child illnesses,
Hospitals and Health facilities,
Palliative Care,
Disabilities, and


regional environmental sub-fund

Supporting the environment and concern for it including:
Developing a culture of sustainability
Restoring, maintaining and enhancing natural assets
Reducing our resource consumption and everyday impacts
Addressing significant aspects of natural environment such as:
.   Native Forests
.   Wildlife and their habitats
.   Air and water quality
.   Waste minimisation
.   Soil conservation
.   Biodiversity
.   Sustainable eco principles


regional animal support & protection sub-fund

Supporting the well-being, care and protection of animals and birds in the categories of:
Domestic pets,
Animals native to the country and region, in their natural habitat and in captivity,
Working animals (such as farm animals)
Animals supporting impaired humans (such as seeing eye dogs), and
Animals engaged in sporting pursuits.


youth sub-fund

Supporting youth (under 25yrs) and youth programs in the areas of but not limited to:
Mental health,
Education and retention,
Job readiness and placement, and
Community engagement