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2013 back to school

               voucher program

In 2013, 565 vouchers were distributed for families in our region who need help with the purchase of school essentials.

Some of the feedback we received:

“In week 2 of this year we enrolled a family of 3 students.  This is not uncommon for us; however, this family had just been moved from north Victoria to Ballarat to live with their father.  Dad has limited resources and is currently unemployed.  To ensure the children felt part of our school community, were comfortable at school etc., we provided the family with vouchers that have allowed for them to have books to work in, pencils, textas and a comfortable uniform similar to other students.  The father was overwhelmed by the generosity of the voucher program and it has allowed for the students to settle quickly into every day school life.” Teacher

“One of the most satisfying experiences was being able to provide a voucher for a parent to buy new sneakers for their child.  They displayed quite a talent for cross country running but the shoes they were wearing were barely holding together.  After being given the voucher which was used to purchase new shoes, the child was able to perform a personal best in his event and move to the next level.  This did wonders for his self esteem which transferred to other curriculum areas.  Without your support the outcome would not have been nearly as rewarding.” School Principal

“The provision of a voucher to my family made a big difference when we started our daughter in Prep this year.  It meant we could buy her shoes and a lunch box, books and a school bag – things we could not have afforded at this time due to our circumstances.  The staff let us know the voucher was from The Ballarat Foundation, so a big thank you!” Parent