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2014 back to school

                        voucher program


This year saw 1000 vouchers distributed to school children & their families from 44 different schools and agencies throughout our region with the area stretching as far as Ararat in the west, Darley in the east, Clunes in the north and Lal Lal to the south.

The principals of all government primary schools and most secondary schools in the region were offered the Back to School Voucher program. Various care agencies were also included and some of these agencies approached the Foundation directly.

The principals in collaboration with their staff / teachers considered which of their school families needed a helping hand. With the agencies, it was usually some of the families newly arrived in the region who were assisted, or carers of foster children.

We received many notes of thanks and stories of the benefit of the vouchers. Here is a selection of those:

“Just this week a family contacted us to indicate they were moving school as they could not afford the fuel to drive their daughter to school.  This year 2 koorie student receives substantial additional support at our school – speech therapy, Multilit (reading support), QuickSmart (maths support) and an Education Support person in her classroom.  We met with the family and waived all outstanding monies, offered a voucher for clothing/shoes and ensured direct contact on a regular basis to monitor.  The family feels much more connected and we are much more aware of our need to support.  The vouchers were a part of our strategy. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the gift card!  It helps me with buying socks and things for school, as we have a huge family.  Thanks Makala”

“We were able to assist a family with 6 primary aged students who had to move schools suddenly at the start of term 1 and were not in a position to purchase all uniform pieces.”

“I have had many families in tears ring me and say what a difference the voucher has made.  I don’t think people realize how difficult it is for some families.”

“One of our students began the school year in last year’s school shoes and complained that they were a little too tight.  The $50 Target voucher was presented to the parent with the tactful suggestion of buying new shoes for her daughter.  It was gratefully received.  Our other voucher was given to a single parent who had informed us weeks earlier that the child’s father had refused to contribute any funds towards back-to-school expenses for his daughter.  Once again the voucher was received with extreme gratitude.”