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The Ballarat Foundation has made a commitment to tackle a homelessness crisis in 2020 after findings of a recent report.

A recent report regarding homeless in Central Highlands has highlighted the seriousness of the issue in our local community. With Housing Security as one of the Ballarat Foundations’ key strategic pillars, we are committed to easing the devastating impact of homelessness in our region. Below is our official position statement and we encourage you to look at the report via the link below.

Homelessness in Central Highlands

The Central Highlands Regional Partnership’s new report on homelessness in our region is a welcome and important reminder of the prevalence of this issue in our community. The report reinforces the need for secure housing, with demand far outweighing supply. The harsh reality of the housing shortage is that the most vulnerable people in our community will inevitably be impacted until the issue is resolved.

Housing Security remains a core focus area for the Ballarat Foundation, as one of our four fundamental strategic pillars. We will continue to work with local organisations to provide long-term solutions to homelessness in our region. The Foundation’s annual Community Impact Grants are available to organisations and programs operating in any of our four focus areas of housing security, food security, early childhood and youth success. 

Ballarat Foundation CEO Matt Jenkins said, “The Ballarat Foundation is committed to playing an active role in combatting homelessness in our region. We see a critical need to embrace this challenge, support the local organisations who operate in this space and advocate for real change and tangible improvements.

As an organization we are looking forward to placing a greater emphasis on homelessness in the work that we do next year, so the release of this report by the Central Highlands Regional Partnership comes at an important time. Homeless needs an all-of-community solution and we see our ability to bring the community together as a key strength of the Ballarat Foundation.”