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Article courtesy of event sponsor The Courier, written by Rochelle Kirkham, published June 1, 2019.

Well-known community leader Shaune Moloney has Ballarat Clarendon College staff and students as a powerful support behind his new-found dancing campaign.

The co-head of middle school and former North Ballarat Roosters captain is one of ten local identities participating in the Ballarat Foundation’s fundraising event Dancing With Our Stars.

Mr Moloney’s middle school students showed their support for the cause on Friday, with a fundraising bake sale and gold coin donation to participate in a dance-a-thon on the school oval.

The year five to eight students raised more than $1300 on Friday to help the Ballarat Foundation break the cycle of disadvantage in Ballarat.

“The Ballarat Foundation as Ballarat’s leading charity is uniquely Ballarat and cares for Ballarat kids. The Ballarat Foundation assists with school readiness. Our students recognise the importance of this and support it.”

Shaune Maloney

More than 40 students baked for the fundraising sale on Friday which set an excited and energetic tone for the middle school dance-a-thon. Students joined teachers on the school oval to learn dances instructed by new dancing star Mr Moloney.

Year eight community service leaders Shriya Patel and Alice Svensson-O’Shea prepared the students for the fun day by researching and presenting information about the Ballarat Foundation’s work, including efforts to eliminate food insecurity in Ballarat.