The ‘Feed Ballarat’ Grants Program (FBGP) is an annual grants program delivered by the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc (the Ballarat Foundation), in a bid to break the cycle of disadvantage within the Ballarat and surrounding areas. It is funded jointly by contributions from the community via the Ballarat Foundation’s Feed Ballarat Appeal and through distributions from the Ballarat Foundation’s Community SubFund.

The FBGP distributes grants of up to $10,000 to community groups with projects or programs that support the Ballarat Foundation’s Food Security goal of ensuring that:

“Every child, person or family has continuous access to safe and nutritious food”

Organisations are eligible to apply in consecutive years however priority will be given to projects and organisations requiring funding while they transition to secure longer term financial sustainability.

Two Rounds of applications will be available in 2019.

Feed Ballarat Grants application Round 1 – June/July *now closed

Feed Ballarat Grant applications Round 2 – September

Download the full grant guidelines here .

The Ballarat Foundation Feed Ballarat Grants Program FUNDING APPLICATION 2019

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This form is to be completed to apply for funding from  the Ballarat Foundation Community Impact Grants Program (CIGP).


  1. Before completing this form you will need to read the GUIDELINES FOR FUNDING document.
  2. A separate application needs to be completed for each project
  3. If you have any issues or questions with this form, please contact us

Applications can be saved and returned to at a later date:  please click on Save my progress and resume later if this is required.

If you require assistance at any stage, please call us on 03 5331 5555 during office hours.

Page 2: Applicant Information

Details of the person best to contact regarding this application:

e.g. Project Officer, Administrator, etc.

Page 3: Application Summary

The Name of the Organisation

Physical address of the project or of the organisation involved:

Whereabouts is the project based?

Include family members/colleagues nearby community etc.
Project Summary
How is this project staffed?

Page 4: Project Goals

A brief overview focusing on the activities and programs you deliver (200 words Max)
The measures of success (max 150 words)

Page 5: Community impact and collaboration

Click here to enter text

Page 6: Funding Requested and Project Budget

Please provide a copy of your Project Budget.

To upload a copy of the completed project budget please browse to the files on your computer and attach to this application.

Submission Deadline: 5:00pm Friday 31st May 2019

  • Please contact us if there are any difficulties on (03) 5331 5555 

Terms and Conditions:

1. The closing date for submissions (found on the application form) is not negotiable or flexible. 

2. The submission of the application form will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

3. Submissions will only be received in electronic format. 

4. If you are submitting the application form on behalf of a third party, including a club or community group, you acknowledge and agree that you are authorised to submit the application form on their behalf. References to “you” in these terms and conditions includes any third party on whose behalf you are applying. 

5. An organisation can apply for funding for multiple projects but only one application for each project will be accepted. 

6. Each application must be complete and include the following documents: 

a. Project Budget 

b. Current annual report including a financial statement tabled at the last Annual General Meeting, or last available audit for the organisation 

c. ABN and proof of Tax exemption and / or Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Taxation Office if applicable. 

7. The total amount of funding available at any one time or for any round of distribution grants is as determined by the Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc. 
8. You must ensure that your application form and any supporting documentation does not infringe any other person or entity’s confidential information or intellectual property or moral rights. 
9. Projects must not involve applications, tools and technologies or content that is inconsistent with the values of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc, standards of decency or Australian Law. 
10. You must keep confidential any information that the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc. provides you with and only use it for the purposes of submitting your application and providing us with information about your project. 
11. Third party interest, finance or commitment to your project must be disclosed with all relevant details provided. 
12. Do not submit any original documents as your application form and any supporting documentation will not be returned to you. 
13. Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc will not be liable for any costs incurred by you in preparing your application. 
14. Co-funding of projects with other funding bodies, corporate entities or individuals encouraged, but any co-funding must be detailed in the application form. 
15. You also acknowledge the following key conditions that apply to any grants: 
a. Grants cannot be transferred; 
b. Grants will not be provided retrospectively for completed projects, or for work done on incomplete projects prior to the date of notification of approval of grant. 
c. Your rights to all project material (including, but not limited to, all intellectual property) must be sufficient to enable you to meet all of your obligations; and 
d. Projects that are funded cannot be deferred and must progress according to the timelines detailed in the application form. 
16. You acknowledge and agree that Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc may make any press or other announcement or release relating to the grant of funds to you without your prior written consent. You also agree that you will participate in any media events or promotions to be conducted if you are granted any funding. 
17. Successful applicants who receive grants agree to comply with and abide by the terms of reporting on projects and completing the acquittal process within the required time frame(s). 
18. You acknowledge and agree that any personal information submitted as part of the application process will be used for the purposes of assessing this application and may be used and disclosed for the purpose of making any press or other announcement or release relating to the grant of funds to you. 
19. The Feed Ballarat Grant Program selection panel will appraise the applications and give recommendations to Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc for final approval. 
20. The Feed Ballarat Grant Program selection panel may recommend that a partial grant should apply to an application and / or a grant should be subject to certain requirements being met. 
21. The Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc. are not obliged to make a particular number of grants or to extend any or all of the available fund resources. 
22. The decisions made by the Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc. are final and there is no appeal process. 
23. The Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc. are not required to give reasons for the approval or rejection of an application. 
24. In situations not covered by these terms and conditions, or where there is ambiguity, Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc reserves the right to exercise their discretion and the decision of the Directors of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc will be final. 
25. Ballarat Foundation and United Way Inc also reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. However, if these terms and conditions are amended once you have submitted your application, Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc will give you the opportunity to resubmit your application form, if, in the opinion of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc, your application is adversely affected in a material way.