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donegan’s farm visit

                 courtesy of sub-fund


Each year a donation is made to CAFS (Child and Family Services Ballarat) through a Ballarat Foundation sub-fund set up by Val Sarah, AM DSJ.

Funds were used in early 2017 to take the children and families in the CAFS Foster Care program to Donegan’s Farm for a morning trip.

We received this report from CAFS Carer Recruitment Engagement and Support Leader Di.

“The CAFS Foster Care Program received a lovely donation from the Val Sarah Fund and we decided to visit Donegan’s Farm http://www.donegansfarm.com.au/ for the morning.  It was a delightfully warm day to take our Foster Carers and kids, to feed the chooks, collect the eggs, fed the fat pigs, milk the cow and feed the lambs, plus we had a lovely morning tea. Thanks, Donegan’s Farm and extra special thanks to the Val Sarah Sub-Fund for supporting us to support our wonderful families.”

Photos:  Due to privacy issues, we cannot publish photos showing the families enjoying this exciting visit; just imagine lots of smiles and cuddles with baby animals.

About the sub-fund

“I believe that ‘giving while you are living’ to benefit the causes you feel passionate about has immediate emotional benefits, rather than leaving money in your will.

As a very young child, I was evacuated from war-torn England to a foster home in Vancouver Island Canada.  We’ve kept in touch and both families now visit across the world.  The last 15 years of my working life were spent at CAFS.  I like to think that by supporting CAFS, I’m repaying a debt of gratitude to the family who took me in all those years ago.

By establishing this Designated Agency Fund through The Ballarat Foundation, I know that my contribution will be able to make a difference into perpetuity.  I don’t have to worry about management or legal issues, and my family can continue to participate if they wish when I die.” Val Sarah, AM DSJ