Dancing with our Stars win a diamond ring.

1) The promoters of this trade lottery are the ‘Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc (ABN: 19 069 908 915) of 7 Lydiard St South Ballarat Victoria 3350.

2) The expense per entry is zero dollars. Entry to the promotion will automatically occur at the rate of 1 entry per $1 donated.

3) “Donations” or “Dollars Donated” referrers to only amounts received directly via one of the following ways:
a) Via the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc’s ‘Dancing with Our Stars’ ‘GoFundraise’ platform. Offline
b) Via payment directly to the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc that has supporting invoice clearly stating the donation is for the purpose of donation to the Ballarat Foundations Dancing with our Stars event.
c) Via merchant payment at the Dancing with Our Stars Gala event held on the 22nd June 2019.
PLEASE NOTE: Offline donations will be processed into the GoFundraise platform within 3 business days of their receipt to allow for entry into the final donation total.

Donations will impact the cumulative total (refer to point 8, C ii ) as determined by the time they are processed which may differ from the time they are received.

PLEASE NOTE: Any donations received at third party fundraising events (organised by the Dancers) or donations made directly to dancers and not through the methods listed above will not be eligible to enter the promotion.

4) Proof of identification, and donation made may be required by the winner to claim the prize.

5) The “Prize” is a Diamond set ring of Art Deco design, supplied by ‘Gems & Jewels Pty Ltd’ (ABN: 15 158 646 087) of Shop 1, 424 Sturt St, Ballarat Victoria 3350, that has been independently valued by Australian Jewellery Valuers (ABN 475 213 356 36) at Twenty Two Thousand and Four Hundred Dollars ($22,400). The prize will include the independent valuation.

6) The starting date of the promotion will be 9am on Monday 11th March 2019.

7) The closing date of the promotion will be 10pm on Saturday 22nd June 2019.

8) The draw of the prize will;
a) Be conducted at 10am on Wednesday 26th June at Gems and Jewels, Shop 1, 424 Sturt St, Ballarat VIC 3350.
b) Be streamed live via the Ballarat Foundation’s facebook page.
c) Be conducted via using a random number generator
i) With numbers ranging from Zero (0) to the total amount of donations processed online and offline through the GoFundraise platform.
ii) With each person’s entry number/s to equal to the nearest rounded whole number of the cumulative total that their donation added to the total donation pool. EG: If your $100 donation took the cumulative dollar total of donations to $15,500.06 you would receive entry numbers 15,401 – 15,500.

9) The Winner of the promotion will be published in the following locations:
a) The Ballarat Courier no later than Saturday 29th June 2019
b) On the Ballarat Foundation Website www.ballaratfoundation.org.au from 1st July up until at least the 31st July 2019.
c) On the Ballarat Foundation’s Facebook page no later than Monday 1st July.

10) The winners of promotion will be notified in writing no later than 29th June 2019
11) Records will be kept for a period of three years after finalisation of the lottery that provide:
a) an accurate financial accounting of the lottery
b) an accurate accounting for all entries
c) an accurate report of the distribution of prizes.

12) The use of all information collected will be used in conjunction with the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc’s privacy policy. This privacy policy can be found at https://ballaratfoundation.org/privacy-policy/

13) The following people will be deemed ineligible to win the promotion:
a) Employees and Board Members of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc; b) Immediate family members of Employees and Board Members of Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc;
c) Employees, Directors and immediate family members of our major event partners including:
i) Gems and Jewels Ballarat;
ii) Pepper Brand Managers;
iii) The Dance Studio Ballarat;
d) Any Dancer, Judge, MC or employee of the event and / or their immediate family.

14) In the unlikely event that a person listed in point 13 is drawn as the winner, an immediate redraw will take place.

15) An entrant is not required to be present at the drawing of the lottery to be eligible to win the prize.

16) The prize will be transferred to the winner by no later than the 19th July 2019.

17) Should the winner of the prize be uncontactable and not come forward within 28 days of the draw (after all reasonable efforts were conducted for them to do so), The Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc will conduct a second draw, following the same format and process as the original draw.

18) The “Prize” is final and may not be substituted unless by written consent of all parties concerned including:
a) The Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc
b) Gems and Jewels
c) The prize winner