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July 2021

Recently the Ballarat Foundation wrapped up the Feed Ballarat Appeal after 6 weeks which raised an incredible $70,000.

Giving Boxes were seen at cafes and venues around Ballarat and online donations were made via the website.

Chief executive Andrew Eales said the response from the community was amazing. “We really couldn’t be more appreciative of those who can give in what is really challenging times who have dug deep and donated to help this important cause,” he said. “It is about alleviating the long-term impacts of food insecurity that have only been heightened by the continual uncertainty that has existed in our community and worldwide.”

Recent lockdowns due to the Covid-19 Pandemic have left many in the Ballarat community struggling financially. Many local businesses have been hit hard with some having to close their doors. Distressingly, some families are faced with the choice to pay for heating or buy groceries. The continuing COVID-19 crisis has only increased this need, with many local charities experiencing a 100% increase in demand for their services.

Mr Eales comments, “We’ve seen so many people within our community who have required support for the first time in their lives during the pandemic. Basics like access to nutritious food have been one of the most requested items for emergency agency providers serving the Ballarat region so it’s been incredibly important for us to be able to identify ways that we can support the efforts of those organisations.”

All funds raised from the appeal will be directed back into the community via the annual grants program.