Why do we need the Feed Ballarat Appeal? Can’t I just donate directly to the Food Charities?

We have set up the Feed Ballarat Appeal to make it simpler for people to donate to a cause, taking away the confusion of who to donate to and where your money goes. Through our understanding of the issue of local Food Insecurity, we can distribute funds across the community to the areas that will have the biggest impact on the issue. That being said, if you already donate to one of the wonderful local food charities and believe in the work they do, we encourage you to continue to do so.

Can I donate food items?

Certainly. While the Feed Ballarat appeal is primarily set up to receive financial donations, we can point you in the direction of those food charities in need of food items. Feel free to call our office on 03 5331 555 for more detail.

Ballarat Foundation

Why is the Ballarat Foundation involved in Food?

The Ballarat Foundation is committed to breaking the cycles of disadvantage across our region. We have addressed Food Insecurity as one of the 4 key areas in which we can make a difference. Our other pillars include Housing Security, School Readiness and Youth Success. To find out more about the Ballarat Foundation’s strategic priorities, click here.

Who pays for the administration and marketing the Feed Ballarat appeal?

All administration and marketing costs of the Feed Ballarat appeal are covered by The Ballarat Foundation through the generosity of its donors and supporters. If you believe in the work that the Ballarat Foundation does and would like to support them directly to assist running this cause and others, please contact them for more information on 03 5331 5555 or email


How much many will be handed out in Grants each year?

The amount of grant funds will be determined each year by the trustees of the Ballarat Foundation who will take into consideration the amount of funds available, the needs of the community, anticipated future needs of the community and funds required for infrastructure costs.

As the amount the community contributes to the funds grows, it is expected the amount returned to the community will grow accordingly.

How can I apply for a grant?

All grant applications will be accepted online at

When will the grants be available?

The first round of grants will be open in May 2019. The launch of the grants process will be advertised in local media as well as online. Make sure you follow The Ballarat Foundation on social media to stay up to date.

Who decides who receives a grant?

An allocations committee made up of representatives of the Ballarat Foundation as well Industry experts and will make recommendations to the Board of the Ballarat Foundation.


How long will the appeal run for?
The Feed Ballarat appeal will be an on-going appeal to raise much needed resources for food insecurity within the greater Ballarat Region, however each year in May we will re-launch the campaign with updated priorities.