The ‘Feed Ballarat’ Grants Program (FBGP) is an annual grants program delivered by the Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc (the Ballarat Foundation), in a bid to break the cycle of disadvantage within the Ballarat and surrounding areas. It is funded jointly by contributions from the community via the Ballarat Foundation’s Feed Ballarat Appeal and through distributions from the Ballarat Foundation’s Community SubFund.

The FBGP distributes grants of up to $10,000 to community groups with projects or programs that support the Ballarat Foundation’s Food Security goal of ensuring that:

“Every child, person or family has continuous access to safe and nutritious food”

Organisations are eligible to apply in consecutive years however priority will be given to projects and organisations requiring funding while they transition to secure longer term financial sustainability.

To apply for the 2020 Feed Ballarat Grants, please click here.