What Is Workplace Giving?

The Workplace Giving Program allows employees from the Ballarat region to make regular contributions to the Ballarat Foundation through their payroll. These contributions support programs and positive community outcomes in our city.

Each year the Ballarat Foundation grants more than $100,000 to local charities and community organisations. Along with fundraising events, community appeals and general donations, Workplace Giving donations contribute significantly to our ability to continue our important work.

Benefits of the Workplace Giving Program 

Benefits to Business

Our Workplace Giving program allows your organisation to give back to the community while meeting your corporate social responsibility goals. The program boosts morale, encourages teamwork, and promotes positive values that enhance your public profile.

Benefits to Employees

By joining the Workplace Giving program, employees receive a number of benefits, including:

• The opportunity to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the local community

• The convenience of regular giving via a simple payroll deduction 

• Assurance that all contributions go back to the local community and assist those most in need

• Team building experience by sharing in a positive, inclusive workplace program

How does the Workplace Giving Program operate?


Employees choose how much to donate

From as little as $5 or $10 per pay, employees can join hundreds of other workers who donate to the Ballarat Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program. Each employee can choose how much they want to donate; it can be as little as the cost of a cup of coffee or much more – its up to the individual!

Accountants will love it!

Workplace Giving donations comes out of an employee’s pre-tax salary so they receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of financial year. The donation amount will appear automatically in an employees annual Payment Summary.

It’s simple to set up

All an employee needs to do is complete the deduction form and then the workplace’s payroll department will begin to automatically transfer donations to the Ballarat Foundation. Employees who provide an email address will receive regular updates on the impact of the generosity.

We come to you

As a Workplace Giving Program participant, the Ballarat Foundation will work closely with you, offering the following services:

• A Workplace Giving Coordinator as your organisation’s liaison with The Ballarat Foundation

• Upon request, a  presentation to your staff about the Program and regular subsequent presentations for new staff

• The Ballarat Foundation will keep supporters up to date with news and information about how their contributions are helping our community 

Next steps

For more information on the Ballarat Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program, please contact us

Phone:  03 5331 5555

Email:  info@ballaratfoundation.org.au