What is the Workplace Giving program? 

The Workplace Giving Program asks employees from the Ballarat region to make regular contributions through their payroll. These contributions support programs and positive community outcomes in our city. Last year the Ballarat Foundation granted more than $140,000 to community organisations. 

What are the benefits of the Workplace Giving program? 

A Workplace Giving program allows your organisation to give back to the community while meeting your corporate social responsibility goals. The program boosts morale, encourages teamwork, and promotes positive values that enhance your public profile. 

Employees who participate in the program get: 

• The opportunity to make a positive and meaningful contribution 

• Convenient giving options through payroll giving 

• Assurance that their contributions will go to the areas most in need 

• Opportunities to engage in their community through Corporate Volunteering 

How does the Workplace Giving program work? 

Workplace Giving provides the following: 

• A Workplace Giving Coordinator as your organisation’s liaison with THe Ballarat Foundation

• A  presentation to your staff about the program 

• Your payroll department will begin making regular deductions from supporters’ wages and sending them to the Ballarat Foundation

• The Ballarat Foundation will keep supporters up to date with news and information about how their contributions are helping their community 

• Update your organisation on Corporate Volunteering opportunities.