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Monday March 18 the inaugural Ballarat Foundation Dancing with the Stars campaign will be launched with ten local identities revealed.

Last Sunday February 24, the ‘lucky’ ten met at the venue of event dance partner, Ballarat Dance Studio in Howitt Street. The meet and greet was an opportunity for the dancers to meet their dance partners and learn what to expect leading into the event night at Civic Hall on June 22.


All ten local identities entered the room with some nerves.

“Pretty scared yeah, actually I’m terrified!”

– Dance participant

Although nerves and some apprehension were evident, the overwhelming feeling in the room was of fun and genuine excitement to be involved with the cause. The Ballarat Foundation applauds all ten people who are donating their energy and time to participate in this years event. We look forward to revealing them on Monday March 18 to the Ballarat community.