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local students benefit

               education support fund

Friday 20th February, Tim Owen gathered his friends, family and supporters to celebrate the awarding of the 2015 Janine Owen Education Fund Grant.

Janine Owen Education Support Fund is an in-memorium fund of The Ballarat Foundation and provides assistance to a Ballarat public high school student who has decided to study Bachelor of Commerce at Federation University.

Tim took the opportunity to share with his guests about his journey in becoming a philanthropist.  He cited 3 things that spurred him on:

  • Tim met Darren who stands outside Myer Ballarat selling The Big Issue.  Profits from the sale of this magazine are split… half back to create the magazine and the other half to the salesperson.  Darren told Tim that he often donates his share of the profits to Breezeway (UnitingCare’s meals program for the homeless) as at times he needs to go there for a feed himself.  For Tim, this made him realise that if Darren, basically living hand to mouth, can support those less fortunate, then he himself could certainly do so.
  • Janine’s parents have also been a huge support to Tim, caring for his welfare during what was an incredibly difficult time.
  • Tim was at the time part of a Leadership Ballarat Group who were an ever present support for him.  Tim recalled a gift from this group of a ride with Craig Lowndes, showing how much they cared for and understood his passions.

Tim was excited to introduce the 2015 recipient of the Fund.

This year’s recipient of the Janine Owen Education Fund Grant is Joshua.

In speaking about Joshua, Tim commented: ‘This young man impressed me with his leadership skills developed while at Phoenix Community College and also his voluntary work and fundraising activities for causes important to him.  Joshua is a young man with a social conscience who has some impressive plans for his time studying both Accounting and Business.  Joshua would like to be part of leadership groups and the university football team.’

Last year’s recipient Jasmine was also in attendance and after a successful 2014 she was very much looking forward to returning to her studies this year.

Other grants thatwere made from the Janine Owen Fund towards the end of last year were to:

  • The Lighthouse Foundation
  • Survivors of Sexual Assault
  • UnitingCare families
  • Child & Family Services families

Photos:  Joshua, Tim, Joshua’s parents.