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UFS was established as a friendly society in Ballarat 139 years ago (UFS is an abbreviation for United Friendly Societies). We are one of Australia’s original social enterprises, which was set up so that its members, who were predominantly poor, had access to reliable, unadulterated medicines at an affordable price.

Fast forward to today and UFS is still operating as a social enterprise on a not-for-profit basis, existing solely for the benefit of its members, working to improve the health of its members and the local community. As a mutual organisation, we are owned entirely by our members. Membership is open to everyone, and costs just $10 per year. Any profits that are generated are used to improve services for our members, to invest in our staff and to support the local community through our sponsorship and donations program. We support a wide range of not-for-profit groups, from organisations supporting health and wellbeing, the arts, community causes, through to sporting groups.

We regularly support the initiatives of the Ballarat Foundation, as they are an integral part of the Ballarat community by providing support to those in need.

Our mission is to improve the health of our members and the local community and our sponsorship and donations program is one way of achieving this, alongside our day to day services to the community through our pharmacies, medical centres and our day spa, Peace & Quiet.