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Ballarat resident, Ebony, recently gained a fresh outlook to life and a new sense of confidence after completing the L2P Driver Mentor program with the Ballarat Foundation. Ebony began the program as she did not have access to a car to gain experience. And of course, before you can move on to your Ps, you must have 120 hours of driver practise.

The L2P program assists young people to get their licence by matching them with a driving mentor who will then arrange times to supervise their driving. Ebony is grateful for her Mentor, David, saying, “It was a really good one on one time with my mentor. We built a close relationship while we were driving and talked about all sorts of things; our lives from week to week and our families. David talked a lot about his family history and where he came from.”

Every Friday morning, David and Ebony would set out together to build up her driving hours. They went on long drives all around Victoria and David was keen to show her the small towns around the area where he grew up. Ebony says, “We went driving everywhere; we went to the Great Ocean Road and saw the sights along the way. We went to Melbourne and practised driving on the highway. We went to all different towns around Ballarat, towns that I had never heard of, and we would stop and have coffee at the local cafe for a break.”

Ebony on the day she passed her driver’s licence!

There’s no doubt that David helped Ebony with her driving skills, but the reason the driving program is called the L2P Driver Mentor program, is that a lot more is learned than just driving. Ebony says, “I feel like it helped me with my knowledge of driving and road rules, but it has also helped me with my confidence.” Since completing the program and passing her driver’s test, Ebony has been able to secure a job, which she says is not just because she has her driver’s license but from her new-found confidence and knowledge. The L2P Driver Mentor program has also given Ebony some direction for her life, not just her driving.

Congratulations to Ebony and many thanks to her volunteer Mentor, David. We wish Ebony every success for the future.