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May 2021

National Volunteer Week was held from 17th to 23rd May, to recognise and thank the volunteers who play such a vital role in our community.

The Ballarat Foundation was pleased to host a morning tea to thank volunteers in the local Ballarat community. Volunteers are the heart of any community, and we had volunteers from many different groups and charities come along to enjoy a chat and morning tea with other like-minded people. Here’s some of the things they said about why they volunteer:

  • For the joy of helping, teaching and guiding young people in our community
  • I want to make a change in our world and I want to make my local community a better place to be.
  • My heart feel full when I help other people.
  • I like to feel that I have a purpose and a am doing real work that impacts others.
  • I enjoy the interaction, making friends and and meeting new people.
  • To give back to the community and help others who are not as fortunate.
  • Being involved in my community and feeling connected.
  • To strengthen the bond between younger people and older people.
  • To bring joy to someone’s life and see them smile.